Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wishful Wednesday

Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday, hope all is well while we've been away for a bit. Our beans were away a lot because things here have been happening all at once.

First they went to a beautiful late summer wedding. We have a picture of the lovely dining room all ready for guests. Aren't the colors appropriate for this time of year? Our beans said there was dancing later, they enjoyed themselves.

Perhaps Mickey and Miss Peach will feel inspired by this setting as they plan their own wedding!

Next sonbean went into hospital two days later to have scheduled jaw surgery. This went very well and he only spent one night in hospital because he promised to follow all the doctor's orders when he got home. He can't talk right now because his jaw is wired shut, so we give him extra smoochies.

Mindy: Here I am with mom, staying close because it was her birthday yesterday.

Now the not so good part. Granbean went into hospital through emergency, at a different hospital at the same time sonbean was also in hospital. Our beans didn't come home they stayed in the city all night to be close to both fambly members. Sadly granbean passed on - very peacefully - we are thankful for that.

The next few days the beans were busy with funeral arrangements, so they weren't around much. However, they took good care of us, just couldn't give us the usual amount of scritches and treats. We did what we cats do. We waited and snoozed and gave our beans some extra head bumps and rubs when there was a quiet moment or two.

Moe: Here is where I waited.

Bono: Here is the window where I watched for their return

Cookie: I am so glad they are back

Mike: I speak for all of us, including our beans when I say thank you for dropping by during these past few days and thinking of us and for leaving us your kind words.

A big "Thank You" from all of us.

PS - our grandbean lived a very full and active life. Back in January she visited Egypt and rode a camel at 88 yrs! She was amazing.