Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday, and Maybe Some Rain?

We would really like some rain, as there has been a drought all summer long.  Supposedly, we are to expect some this afternoon, in fact- due in a couple of hours - we shall find out soon.

 I really love flowers.  They are sometimes quite tasty and I like to poke holes in the leaves and petals.  However, I am very good today, as no flowers have been harmed - yet!

I see some cat approaching our deck.  However, I am guarding it.

Miss Callie -I see you, up there!
 I am not happy to see you though.  You have a home and your own deck to climb on.

  scram Miss Kitty!!

Good job Mike!!  Miss Kitty is gone home to her own deck!

Look what our mom brought home!
 As long as they don't sleep in our nap spots or eat our food, they can stay.
So far, they have not moved from this spot. 
Heh, our threats have worked!

It is Thanksgiving Weekend and Monday is turkey day!
We are expecting to celebrate by feasting on turkey.

Have a great weekend everyone!