Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday Countdown

Today is Tuesday and it is also December 1st.

We think we will start the countdown 'til Christmas at our house.

We are starting off in a delicious way, that is because we kitties think about food - a lot!

These are peppermint patties our mombean made.  We are not supposed to have anything chocolate, however, did you know these are filled with cream cheese!  Yes, we are serious.....we watched these being made up and saw that yummy creamy cheese.  Even better, there is leftover cheese in our fridge.

Moe says

yes, I am sitting right beside our fridge, and I am ready for my sample of cheese whenever the door opens.

Mindy says

You are not the only one who likes cheese....I am a big cheese fan.  I like to savor it and enjoy it.  I do not gobble like you do Moe,  do you ever take time to savor the flavor?

Mike says

Cheese!  Where?  I am a huge fan of cheese any style.  I am not picky.

Cookie says

  I can't see those treats but I am sure they look great.  Must have taken our Mombean a while to make them.   However, leftover cream cheese sounds yummy.

My eye is doing better, I am glad of that, but I sure don't like the meds that my humans squirt into it.  I am very good when they do this, so I think I deserve lots and lots of special treats.

How about you.... our visitors.....are there preparations started at your house to welcome the coming festivities?

Our fur cousin, Oscar, has been having great fun destroying ALL the lights on the Christmas tree over at his house.....well he is still young and silly.

 None of the lights on this tree work any more! 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Morning

Monday Morning
with Mike and Moe
This is how our Monday morning looks.
How about "your" Monday?
If you are doing anything more active or exciting - we want to hear about it!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Meow Like a Pirate!

Calling all pirates!
It's the day to 'meow' like a pirate from our hideout on the wharf!
We are docked in a secret location and we have all the comforts of home, so join us pirate friends.  The greenhouse is loaded with premium 'nip and we have been fishing for da tuna.  The houseboat is our home away from home.
Here is our pal who patrols the docks at Halifax Harbour.  Read more about him here:
Erik the Red

Happy retirement, Erik!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday, Labour Day and Getting Back To Normal!

Today is a holiday called Labour Day.

People get a holiday from working, well some people still have to work, but most people use this day to take a late summer trip and it is a bonus if the weather is good - which it is today.

Our 'beans have already had a holiday and got back a few days ago.  They were on the 'other' side of our country visiting with their son #1 in Vancouver.

Here is dadbean at a Mexican restaurant.

They were gone for ages - well it seemed like that.

Mike and Cookie stayed with our furcousins

A neighbour came to look after Mindy and Moe as they are not on medications.  Our neighbour does not like giving Cookie and Mike their meds - afraid she would get the meds wrong etc. 

Things are back to 'normal'.

Mike on furrniture and Moe on cat mat.
 Here is normal - making sure we gets lots of rest and lots of cat hairs all over this futon and floor mat.  Yes, we like cat naps and everything back to 'normal'

I think I have the best snoozing spot!

I am back in my own house with a comfy bed and a snack close by.
My vacation was great and I got lots of food and loves, but I like normal too!

Hope everyone's day is great - or at least 'normal'

Saturday, August 8, 2015

World Cat Day

World Cat Day - that's today, Caterday, August 8th!

Oh, and the sun is out and the rain has stopped.  I seem to have an added touch of orange color on my furs.

On the other paw, it could be because of the suncatcher in the window above me.

Today is a special day to celebrate all cats!
I am putting my best foot forward.

I want to wish all cats, near and far - all the best on World Cat Day!

I too, wish to celebrate World Cat Day - and most celebrations include food!  I am counting on a celebratory feast!

Let's celebrate!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Mancat Monday

Moe says:   Miss Callie is on our bar-b-que!
It is my job to discourage this behavior. 
I did my best giving the - stink eye! 
Just to be sure, I added my best yowl.
It worked!
She has gone home, and is not bothering our hummingbirds that come to our feeder.
Good job, Moe!  Yes, she has left our deck and has gone.
Another good thing, I think the rain has stopped - for now.
Happy Monday to everyone!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gumboot Sunday

Gumboots, seriously?

 Moe: I am checking into this ..... 
 Yes, needed because it is seriously raining - I just checked out our deck.

 Mindy: I'll take a look out of the window

 Mindy says:  I confirm there is rain. 

 Mike:  I think I overheard our human beans talking about 'will be rain today'. 

  This won't ruin my day, because I'm an indoor mancat.  I think will hang out in the kitchen in case the refridgerator door gets opened.  I am an expert at diving in before it closes.

 I overheard our dadbean say that our lawn and gardens really need a good soak of rain.  This should make him happy.  Me, not so much....at least I don't have to go out into it.  Glad I am an indoor cat.

Mike:  Me too!
  I will stay here at the top of the stairs to keep track of the traffic going into the food preparation area, it is almost lunchtime.

Moe:  Great idea Mike!
 Please keep me informed of ANY activity in that area.

Cookie:  Moe your love of food is over rated!
 I believe that quality snoozing is what is important.....I can say that because I have this room all to myself and lots of dry food available.....ZZZZZZZZ

 While we all watch the downpour and watch the grass, and flowers grow.....
....... enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Saturday Bath

Cookie reporting in today.

My humans decided I needed the 'spa' treatment, which means putting an inch or two of water in the bathtub and  - here is the bad part - I got put into it.  This happened because apparently I don't do a good enough job of cleaning my toes.

Voila - well I must admit, they are much cleaner!  I would have been happy stopping right there, but oh no, I got my nails trimmed as well.

I was good, no crying or nipping.  However, there was one more insult. I needed my eyedrops today.   I am blind but my eyes sometimes get irritated, so the eye medicine helps.

You know, my humans do treat me well so they deserve some love.

I hope everyone has an easy, carefree Caturday and lots of love!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday and It is W-A-R-M!

Where we live, it may be considered HOT.

Mike and Moe

This is a comfy place to hang out.   On the other side of this railing are the stairs to the floor below.  From here the pair of us are not likely to miss anything - feline or human - coming either up or down the steps.  After all it is 'mancat' Monday and we mancats are making sure things are as they should be around here and doing so while observing from the comfort of our futon.  The very best observation spot.  Oh, we should also mention we are in a good place to hear any noises down the stairs in the kitchen.


Should I leave some of these for later.....or dive right in and eat them all!
What do you think?  Save some or not?  Decisions, decisions.


It is warm, so I will curl up here - my humans have the fan in front of the open window in this room.  Blowing the warm air out.....or is it bringing cooler air in?  It will give this some thought, but first I will take a nap.

Before I forget, would you like to see the red moon that was just rising over our big bay on July 2nd?

such an unusual color!!

and here is the wharf at night, which is not too far from where we live!

Yes, there were people fishing on the wharf even at that hour!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

International Box Day 2015

We love boxes!
....even when the box is a little small.
just my size
Ah, this one is purrfect!
I don't really like boxes, can't you tell?
 A great International Box Day to our visitors!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday As Usual

What was unusual you may wonder?

Our humans were away this past weekend on a mini vacation.

Moe and me - Mindy - looked after things here at home on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Our neighbour next door came in to give us our meals.  Other than that, Moe and I had the place to ourselves!

Yes, Mindy, we had our choice of napping spots!  Great time we had on our own, but not too long, just right.

Mike and I went to our vet's because they run a boarding area for cats and dogs and our cat sitter was not comfortable with giving our medications.   First, the two of us needed to be up to date on our vaccinations as it has been a year already since the last ones.

Our vet decided it was time to do a health checkup as well.  Cookie and I are not fussy about being weighed and poked with the stabby needle.  We were in residence for two whole nights and were sure glad to get back home!

Home is best!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tabby Tuesday - Rain

Yes, rain today, but we can use lots of rain for our garden.

We can watch the raindrops through our windows, of course


 watch these
Four pheasants today.

I like watching our bird "TV" but I also like this office chair, cause I need to help with posting on our blog.

Beauty sleep is important, so I make sure I get lots!

Ha, ha, I have the best photo today - the better to see my handsome face.  I get breakfast in bed too!

The door to the spare bedroom is open, so that means I must make sure this bed is comfortable for any guests that might stay over.

Sunday our humans got photos at sunset by the ocean, here are a couple of photos they took
lots of people were  there also taking pictures

Here's another

Have a good week everyone!