Monday, December 10, 2012

Seven Things About Us

We received this badge from Nerissa!  She says that we need to tell everyone seven things about us.    Okay, I think we can narrow things down to seven!

                     Seven Things About Us

1.  We are all rescues - Moe first, then Mindy and that was 11 yrs ago now.   Later Cookie and Mike needed homes so they moved in, they are both older than M & M.

2.  We are all tabby cats.  Mindy and Mike are bicolor tabbies, both have white faces and fronts, like formal wear. 
Cookie has a white shirt and gloves. 
Moe wears orange pajamas.

3.  All of us play THOE because we have a set of stairs to run up and down.  Our beans don't like hearing the thunderin' herd of elephants game at night though, but that is when the games is fun for us.

4.bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb-huh?.....  um, Mindy, nice try but we are not sure what your typing is supposed to mean - you need to wait for help with your typing from mombean. 
Mindy:   Yes, I love mombean and right now I am sitting in her lap along with the laptop.  Oh, I purr loud when I am happy, can you hear me?

5.  All of us are proven mouse hunters except for Cookie.   

Cookie: Ahem! I have almost no sight in my eyes to catch those varmints  but I get by and still go up and downstairs and outside on the deck and none of you gets to go out on the deck like me!!!

6. Addicted to eating - all of us!  Special treats of any flavor of Temptations - there are never enough of these delicious treats.  Our beans have stashed them somewhere and we need to find them.

7a. One more thing - our 'beans don't know it, but WE run things around here  and please, please don't tell them otherwise - OK?

7b.  We hate that 'flashy box' such an annoying contraption that our mombean seems addicted to.  It seems just when we are finding a snnoozy spot or the litter box,  there she is armed and annoying with flashbox in hand.

That's 7 things, right?  Are we close?  Did you keep count Mike?  Where IS Mike when you need him~!!

Now we want to pass this award on to anyone willing to divulge seven things about themselves.

We are sure there are things we didn't know about you dear visitor!