Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cookie is Home

Cookie reporting, with assistance: I am home and so glad of it too! Home is best and I can really get a good rest now.

I don't remember much since early Thursday when I went to the vet to get my teeth cleaned. Good news is they are clean and I didn't lose any teeth while I was sleeping, but I did lose my sight. It became a big mystery at da vet hospital. The staff made lots of phone calls and got on the internet and it seems that I have about a fifty/fifty chance I will get it back, I figure that is way better than zero.

My beans took me to the emergency clinic for the night. The staff took good care of me, but it was hard to get comfortable, I had a IV in my arm and they gave me oxygen but I didn't feel much like eating or drinking. The place was busy. Mombean said they brought in two large and very sick woofies. Mombean said the front doors at this place were guarded by two big fluffy kitties. Mom thought they probably lived there.

Friday dadbean took me back to the vet clinic and I stayed there until today. Da vet thought it best if I was confined at least for a little while until I get my bearings and learn all over again where things are. So I got sent home wif dis big pet carrier. Take a look,I'm told it is LARGE and roomy enough for me and all my stuff.

Nice gesture, but I don't like it!

My beans bought me a new bed and put it in the PTU, nope, not gonna try it in there. Then mombean brought it out of there. Well, I walked around on it for a while and then I felt sleepy. You know, it's kinda soft and just my size. Ahhhh, I think I will nap now and forget all about the last coupla days.

Oh, almost forgot, THANK YOU so much for all the get well wishes and the encouragement!! This means a lot to me and I will try very hard to get back to my 'old self'......I can say that because I am a senior kitty....'night...ZZZZZZZZZ.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Purrs for Cookie

Cookie is in the emergency clinic and spent the night there.

He developed a complication following a routine procedure, which could leave him permanently blind.

Yesterday, Cookie went into our vet clinic to have his teeth cleaned. He is an older cat and his vet felt that bacteria in his mouth could affect his heart. He had tests for blood, heart and kidney function the day before as a routine check up. His kidneys are responding well to his daily supplement which is good news.

However, he was put under anesthesia for the cleaning and was doing well following this, but sometime later it was discovered that he could not see probably due to a blood clot or sometimes it is because of lack of oxygen. He did so well on his tests, that this was not considered a risk and his vet clinic had never ever had such a case before. So he is getting oxygen therapy and he is not very happy. It is possible he my regain his sight, we of course are hoping for that. In the meantime, we are trying to get him eating and drinking. His is a smart cat and knows he is in trouble and loudly expresses his frustration.

Today we are taking him from the overnight emergency clinic and returning him to the vet clinic and hoping for some good news.

........Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Mike and mombean Nina

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Whitey Wednesday

Hi everyone!
BonBon, aka Bono - taking over blog duties today.

I am mombean's quietest mancat. I decided to let mom take my photo and she agreed to help me with posting our blog today.

We kitties spend a lot of time watching the critters in our backyard. Today I want to show you the squirrel on mombean`s "squirrel proof" bird feeder. This is a very highly movitated squirrel because, as you can all see, nothing stops it from raiding those sunflower seeds. I find the whole process highly entertaining, of course, especially when mom gets highly annoyed with the critter.
I keep telling her that I could take care of the problem for her, heh.

Another critter that made mombean much happier instead, is this luna moth.

It crawled over her hand and she got a picture of it, then she put it deep inside a rhodendron bush so it would be safe until evening when they normally emerge. They usually hide during daylight, but this one mom found hiding in a plastic bucket.

The next picture is for those who like lighthouses. We have some of these in our area. Mom took this one on Canada Day. This one is still is use.

Mombean said the small beach looked so inviting on a warm day.

Not too far from the lighthouse, she got this photo -

She called it 'whimiscal' ...... huh? okay, mombean, I'll post it anyway.