Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

We want to wish every(furry)one a very Happy Halloween from all of us - me, Moe, in the photo and also Mindy, Cookie, Mike and our mombean!

It has been a very stressful time in the past few days due to the arrival of the monster storm called Sandy.  We are so very sorry to hear of the devastation and loss of life caused by this storm to those south of us in the USA and also west of us in other parts of Canada.

We were fortunate and thankful to experience only high, gusty, very warm winds and drizzly rain, which will continue throughout today. 

Our city has a nice big harbour and three cruise ships took refuge from the storm and hunkered down, spending a night or two.  This webcam photo shows two of the ships.

The ship, on the right, which looks smaller from this wide angle view, is The World  It is unusual because it sells condo space on board that you can rent/buy and it travels around the world. 

There is always something going on in the harbour, and if you like, you can read more here on Mac's blog Shipfax

We are counting down to our first ghostly visits to our door.  We don't plan to share OUR Halloween treats with the little ghosts and goblins, nope, because mombean has some other things for them in bags to give out.  We usually steer clear of our front door on this annual eve......except maybe for Mike - he always wants to go to the door to see who is there - you know, to make sure there are NO tricks!!

Have a safe, fun, Halloween