Saturday, July 26, 2008

Photo Hunt - Hanging

Photo Hunters

In keeping with this week's Photo Hunt for the theme "hanging", here is ours:

This is our 'hanging' hummingbird feeder. If you look closely, you will see a female hummingbird taking a sip of sugar water. They eat insects too, but absolutely love coming to our feeders. We never get tired of watching them.

Here is the male at our window feeder. (he has the red throat)

He isn't hanging, though; he is hovering.

Moe: They are so very, very tiny.

I don't think they would make much of a meal.

Mindy: Please, please, mombean, enough photos.

Get that flashy box away from me.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Finally Friday

It's Friday again. This whole week has been muggy, muggy, muggy and warm. We didn't see much of the sun either. Too humid to do much of anything. We noticed our fur coats needed some air-conditioning - there is one A/C in tall son's room, but we'd have to go upstairs and climb over all the stuff on the floor in his room. Couldn't face that.

Mom kept the back door open a lot. We liked that. The other night she and tall son went out on the deck. It was very dark. They could hear something immediately start running out of da yard and run into the trees. They could hear it snapping brush and making some snorting noises. Our beans said it was a deer blowing through its nose. They make a funny sound, and it kept that up for several minutes. Probably it was annoyed because they like to come in our yard and eat the sunflower seed mom puts out for birds. They's always trashing our bird feeders and silly mom still keeps putting new ones up. Anyway, the deer headed over to da neighbours, prolly to raid their veggie garden next.

Our hummingbird feeder seems to escape the vishus deer. Mom got a picture of one of our hummers at the feeder.

We have a very nice flowering plant in bloom right now.

We can't nibble on this one because mombean has it hanging from our ceiling. By the way, the leaves are supposed to be all curly and weird - in case you wanted to know that.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday is Thankful

Moe: I'm always thankful to stretch out on the back of the sofa and kinda spill over onto the window sill. Quite comfy.

Or this thankful picture. I am even more comfortable.

Mindy: Moe and I are actually in the same room, but I prefer this table.

I am thankful to have this spot. I like it a lot.
Thankful, yes. Just look at us.

The plant beside me is missing some of it's new leaves. It wasn't me though, I had nothing to do with that.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Mutterings

Moe: Did you know that I like banana bread? Mombean made some last night. I wanted and got a very small piece - I ate it. Mombean didn't think I would, heh. Then she gave a small piece to Mindy. Mindy is picky, tho, so I ate her piece. I asked very politely (well I gots my point across) for yet more and all's I gots was a crumb. I got no more banana bread - this is not fair and not how things are supposed to work!

Mindy: I am still enjoying my table-by-the-window. In this spot I can watch everything that is going on and still keep track of anything going on outside da window too. I like to watch the hummingbirds at the feeder. There is one bird that claims it for its very own and chases all the other hummers away.
Entertaining for me.

We are giving out hugs and purrs today to anyone who needs them, and have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday and We're Back

We couldn't blog the last few days. Our computer is kinda old. So, Dadbean put some new-to-us things inside it. Computers have a lotta stuff inside, don't they? Sure looks like lots when it's all spread out. We took a look, but we decided it was way to complicated and didn't want to discombobulate it by adding our fur or toys so we stayed well away.

Moe: I decided the best policy for this enforced non-blog time, was to take a few naps.

See how useful naps are? That way I keep out of trouble while the computer is getting put back together.

I patrolled the stairs so I could keep checking on the fixing progress. You can get lots of exercise that way.

You know, I got very tired of the stairs, so I decided to make myself comfortable. Mombean likes to move furniture around. When this little table got moved in front of the window, I just knew it was the spot for me!

Wow, I like this!!

Oh, yeah, the computer is back in one piece now. It just needs the sides back on.......dadbean left them off 'in case'...... He didn't say what might happen, the poor thing looks kind of goofy.....but..... it works!