Saturday, December 19, 2009

Update at Team Tabby

One of us here recently had surgery at the vet's office. It was Cookie. He had a lump on him's tail. It was bothering him and starting to bleed. The vet told us it was fibrous sarcoma. Well dat's not good. He had to stay overnight and get tests and, yup, needles. When he got home he smelled funny to us and.....the big shock to all of us cats - he has no tail, da vet took it. Well mombean says it was for the best. He does seem happier and he has some awesome looking stitches, which have to come out soon.

Actually we think he's proud of those stitches. If a mancat has to do without his tail, then he can show how brave he is by showing off his stitches. He never even had to wear the Elizabethan collar to keep him from trying to take them out.

Mindy: I think Cookie is a very brave mancat and we are all glad he is feeling much better than he was.