Saturday, April 23, 2016

Caterday in April

It's me, Moe and it is the weekend.  I am enjoying the fact that our snow is finally GONE!
I think the last tiny patch melted yesterday.

Here are a couple of photos mombean took last weekend.
Our dadbean is on the right, and his sister-in-law and brother are on the left.
It was a nice day so they went for a walk on Deadman's Island.
here is a link:
Some of the early wild flowers they saw
 These are
 (The lady's slippers are not out yet, so no photos of them)
I am making sure our weekend post gets - posted!
 I am chillax'n and enjoying some quiet time.
Cookie too!  I got breakfast in bed this morning.
Oh, yes, one more photo
Happy Spring everyone!