Thursday, February 21, 2008

Offline for a Bit

Our beans are going away again. A family member has died after a short illness. It is dad bean's brother-in-law. We will be back blogging as soon as we can get our beans to assist us when they gets back.

Before we go, we want to show you a couple of pictures of the cat-next-door. Angel really dislikes winter so he stays inside a lot and instead loves to curl up on his beans' guest is lovely and comfortable and just right for a fifteen year old mancat. Mom couldn't resist these pictures and she begged us to allow her to share them with everyone. We agreed as long as this does NOT become a habit. We know you all would really like to hear all about US.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tabby Tuesday

Do ya wanna know what really 'lights my fire'??

It's dis very saucy red squirrel. It had the nerve to actually come up to da window and look in at me. That tasty morsel has more nerve than sense......although it still didn't work out in MY favour.

If there were not two panes of glass between us.....just think of it!! Mom was wondering why my tail was thumping the wall so hard.

If it ever finds a way inside, or if I gets out, den da chase will be on!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Beans were Away

It's me - Mindy - and I'm doing the blog today. Our beans went away for da weekend. It was dad bean's birthday.

They went to stay at a lodge. There were lots of people there and lots of bunnies. The bunnies live around the lodge and guests at the lodge can get small bags of complimentary rabbit pellets to feed all of them.

They are very well fed!

Mom liked this very purrty bunny.

This picture of the ocean waves was taken in front of the lodge. It was very cold there on the weekend.

This is a picture of a tower at the lodge which was built a long time ago. It has been updated on the inside and is very comfortable. Mom likes to take pictures of towers I think.

Here is another tower picture. Mom says it's a lighthouse and has a light at the very top. It is not far from where they stayed.

Mom had to take a picture of a fire hydrant painted to look like a guardsman. Beans are very funny sometimes! She found it in a nearby town.

We were very happy when our people got home from wandering around the countryside. Happy Birthday dad bean, hope you had fun, too.