Saturday, November 17, 2007

Photo Hunt - We love Temptations

Photo Hunters

We're cats, so "Temptations" is a brand name for the yummiest cat treats in da kitchen.

We are not early getting our Photo Hunt pics up. We've been offline lately... We had some compooter problems.... den da power was out again around here a few times - doo to lotsa wind - den da trees on da power lines. How'er we cats supposed to blog wif da elements and da electricks acting up? So, quick, here goes befour somthin else blows up.

I like chicken flavour.

I like salmon flavour Temptations.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Offline Thursday

Yesterday, our power went out twice, and after the second time it was off, our computer doesn't work as well. We hasta figure out why. We can still connect to the internet, but need to spend the time on running some tests, so we will be back as soon as we can.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hide 'n Seek Wednesday

Our place is old ancient. It has lots of hide-y places. We love to play 'hide and seek' games. Here is me (Moe) in a cubbyhole under some stairs. I don't think Mindy will find me here. This might make a good place to stash my extra Temptations.....except I don't have any 'extras', I ate them! I am not the only one to have a stash in here, hee, hee.....must be mom's green bottle.

Actually it's MY turn to hide. I don't think Moe will find me (Mindy) here behind this table....I think I blend in quite well.....he'll never find me.

Oh, no, we didn't invite that Angel cat to join in our hide-y game, but there he is peeking in our window - okay, Moe you better get up there on the chair and scare him off. It's the mancat thing to do. Goodness, mom says she has never heard such snorting, growling and hissing.

Great, Angel is gone now. This is a picture of our yard. Angel cat lives on the other side of the trees where you can see the red oak in this picture. Angel seems to think our yard is his yard too, he is always coming over. We have to work hard to chase him off. We think we deserve extra Temptations treats for this.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tabby Tuesday

Look what we got this week - a new flavor - "Tasty Chicken Flavour" Temptations. It's just as good as the salmon flavour.

This is an early picture of me. I look a bit stunned, wonder what I was looking at? Hummm, Daisy, is right. Temptations make me googly-eyed.........Moe

Here's my Tabby Tuesday picture. I must remind Moe that he has to share the new bag of Temptations - with me......Mindy

Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday, Monday

Over the weekend we had s-n-o-w. It's way to early for it.

The snowplows were very busy on Saturday night.

Most of it is gone now though, but it is windy and cold......time to keep warm by the fireplace. But wait, we don't have a fireplace. we must start a shopping list for mom - two of those heated cat beds will do very nicely.