Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tabby Thursday - Is it?

Yep, it is Tabby Thursday...... or it could be Garden Thursday, not to worry.

First, though, we are going to show you our ESS.

We haven't had it that long, but we made really good use of it.  In fact, it has been so popular that it looks years old!  Mombean is pleased that we like it enough to use it often.   Oops, sometimes we forget and leave claw marks where we are not supposed to, do other kitties forget too?

Cookie:  I am very fond of going outside for snacking on fresh blades of grass.

Mombean planted this monster grass that is really yummy!  Plus I just enjoy getting out on the deck as often as I can.

Moe:  I am on patrol duty.  I have to make sure no introoders invade our yard!

Also I can watch that chipmunk fill it's cheeks with birdseed and run off to it's burrow.  It makes a lot of trips in the run of a day.

Mike: Ah, this has become MY chair - seriously, no one sits in it any more.

 That could be because I am always in it.  It is close to everything, especially the kitchen and I can hear everything that is going on from here.

Mindy: I love this blue carton.

It is well designed, see how there are appropriate cut-outs?  I can survey my whole domain from here.  Hey, I bet I could run the whole world from my special box.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Rock Star Monday

Moe:  I think I'm a good singer, just listen

Of course, I need to practice a bit more.  How about this?

Can you hear me?  How do I sound?  Turn up the music!

Mindy:  Good thing I am in another room!
You know, I think this rug pattern is almost as nice as my pattern furs, mine are better of course!

Mike:  Big decision, do I stay here and get comfortable....or....
...... do I head to the kitchen and convince the 'beans I am starving?

Cookie: Nice head scritch dadbean, with your foot, almost got the right spot.
However, a little more to the right would be perfect!


In our yard today, we saw the pheasant chicks from our window, they are getting almost as big as their mom and dad!

One more photo, yesterday evening, mombean captured this gorgeous sunset and we want to share it with everyone.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday, ours is very hot and sunny again.  However, tomorrow it will rain and be much cooler, but we need the rain.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last Sunday in August

Mike:  What can I say, it's Sunday after all.

Moe:  Ah, this is the life!

Cookie:  Fresh air and sunshine, nothing better.

Mindy:  I have a special hiding place underneath the old refridgerator , but mombean found me - how did she know I was here?

PS - the old fridge still works.

Bonus photo:  this little hummingbird will very soon be heading south for Fall and Winter, but she will return next Spring.  She is visiting the feeder on our deck, storing energy for the long flight - see you next May little hummer.