Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Saturday Photo Hunt - Guess

This week's Saturday Photo Hunt is Guess.

Moe says:
Can you guess why I am lying on this window sill?
If you guessed that I am keeping watch, you would be correct.  It is my job to warn our human beans  of any suspicious activity out there in our backyard.
Here's another one, can you guess where you would be if you went here?
This one is easy, at a beach, of course.  If you said that this is Clam Harbour Beach in Nova Scotia, Canada, you are absolutely amazing at guessing!
Also, if you are able to get here on August 18, you would be able to watch the sandcastle building competition.
These next photos are some bonus ones, no guessing needed here, just enjoy!
This last one was taken not at the beach, but on the way home, after a great day out on Thursday!
If you would like to visit other participants, go here:

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday with Mindy

Mindy says:

I am working on perfecting my sphinx pose.  I am using the Great Sphinx of Giza as my goal.