Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Getting Back to Normal

Moe here: 
Our mombean is back home after being away helping grandbean with her physio appointments.  In the meantime, I will demonstrate how self sufficient we kitties need to be.
Whenever the fridge door is open - make the most of it!
Dadbean took good care of us, but just in case I might miss one of my snacks, I made sure to quickly take action - the good stuff is on the top shelf!
I  know, for instance, that Cookie's leftover cat food is in here - he never finishes his meals, which I do not understand!
See that chicken pie?  These shelves are packed with good things.  It is so hard to decide what to have first! 
It is important to stock up on food, a big snowstorm is expected tomorrow and we need to be ready!
For all of you who are already experiencing this large weather system, still to the south of us, .....stay safe and warm! 
We also heard of flooding in the United Kingdom across the Atlantic Ocean, we hope everyone is safe and dry.