Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday

We are very thankful for all of our treasured friends.  We are thankful for many, many other things too - there is quite a big list.  However,  today we are thankful to our friends in far away Taiwan.  Yesterday we received mail from Adan, Lego and Michico wishing us a Happy Chinese New Year.  It starts on the 23rd of this month, which isn't far away.

It is the Year of the Dragon, so Michico created a lovely painting!  Take a look - Adan is on the left and Lego on the right of the mighty painted dragon.  We love this beautiful painting and we are very happy to receive a copy of it on this postcard.

Michico is very talented!  If you didn't see their Wednesday post , Michico and her friend Malica created a lovely handmade figurine.  We are thinking Lego was one of the models for the painted kitties.

We hope the Dragon Year will bring us all luck, good health and happiness!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Mancat Monday

Moe says: In honor of Mancat Monday, may I present my handsome self.

It's been busy here on account of mombean painting the ceiling in the L-part of the living room.  I just get comfortable in an easy chair with the sun streaming through the window onto me......then the next time I go to get into that comfy chair, it's gone!!  I don't mean forever, but in a different place, and not where I can soak up some sunshine.   Things get moved around because of the painting.  I hates this changing things around business.  I was almost ready to hide the paint brushes, when, thankfully, it was done.  Yeah, I'm so happy -' order' has returned and 'chaos' is gone! 

Mega purrs from me.