Sunday, September 29, 2013

Not So Easy on Sunday!

As a matter of fact, we are more than a little worried! 
There goes mom and dadbean.  Yikes,  they are going out and we haven't had our foods yet!!
You are right on Mindy, they do seem to be leaving.  Did they forget to put something in our bowls?
Help!!  Need food.  Preferably, something that comes out of a can - that tasty stuff with the gravy.
Um, yeah, Mike, but it is not actually time for us to eat.  I know where they went though.  They went off to give meals to our two cat neighbors.  Their peoples were away  last night and won't be back until later today.  They have been without their snacks and cuddles.  After all, yesterday when they left is a long time ago, right? 
Moe and Mindy:
Cookie is right, our neighbor kitties need to be taken care of first, they have been alone and will want some attention.  They are very nice cats,  although we do not want them here as our guests.  No way!
We hope our humans don't forget to come back!  They seem to think Maddie is very cute.
This is Maddie.  Um, that food sure looks tasty!  She loves lots and lots of cuddles too.
Her son lives next door to Maddie.  His name is:
Bruno is a large cat.  Much larger than any of us.  His humans did not think he would come out to greet our humans when they went over to give him supper.  Surprise though, he didn't hesitate to come and be made a fuss of.     
His people did say that he probably would still have some of his breakfast and lunch still in his dish.  They were right.  For such a big cat, he still had lots of dry foods.  Maybe he was hoping for some tasty treats, we hear he loves fresh fish that his people give him.
Well the good thing about having to share our 'beans with Maddie and Bruno is that soon things will be back to normal.  Thank goodness!