Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wandering Mancats

Today it is sunny, but cool!  We even had a skiff of snow, mostly gone now, except in the shady areas.  A taste of what is to come!
However, our post is about yesterday, very mild, and we discovered - also drizzly and wet.
Okay, we didn't know it was drizzly 'n wet until the front door opened - all by itself, yes we didn't push it or anything because it opens inwards.
Our mom and dad bean were in the basement, and they spied from the window, me, going out the front door and onto the walkway!  Oh yes, exploration time, yay!
But, no! it was really raining by now and I was getting wet.  Then I heard mombean coming.  I dashed back into the house, way back so she would have to look for me.  She saw Mike at the open door.

Yes, I was trying to make up my mind - should I stay or should I go?
Well, I stayed put.  Not because I would get in trouble, it was because I really, really hate the rain.  I love my comfort, especially a cozy bed and food.  Especially food, oh, and treats.  I would miss those things if I were the rain.
Those two almost wandering mancats afraid of some drizzle!!

I can understand, I love my comforts.  See this office chair?  It is mine, all mine!
Here is Dadbean
Before it started to rain, gathering up leaves
 Anyone want a few oak leaves?
We have lots!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembrance Day and Veteran's Day

It is a quiet day here and it is Remembrance Day.  In the U.S. this day is known as Veteran's Day.
This is a day to honour our veterans, and in Canada also those who have given their lives to protect our country.
Our humans went to a special outdoor service, always held on November 11th at the 11th hour of the day.
Our country's flag and our provincial flag during this service.
Poppies like this one bloomed in battlefields of Flanders in World War I, and help us to remember the sacrifice of those killed in battle.
Today is also a beautiful fall day and I want to show all of you this lovely and colorful display of fall foliage!
We hope these fall colors hold for a while yet for us to enjoy!!