Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday As Usual

What was unusual you may wonder?

Our humans were away this past weekend on a mini vacation.

Moe and me - Mindy - looked after things here at home on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Our neighbour next door came in to give us our meals.  Other than that, Moe and I had the place to ourselves!

Yes, Mindy, we had our choice of napping spots!  Great time we had on our own, but not too long, just right.

Mike and I went to our vet's because they run a boarding area for cats and dogs and our cat sitter was not comfortable with giving our medications.   First, the two of us needed to be up to date on our vaccinations as it has been a year already since the last ones.

Our vet decided it was time to do a health checkup as well.  Cookie and I are not fussy about being weighed and poked with the stabby needle.  We were in residence for two whole nights and were sure glad to get back home!

Home is best!!