Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gumboot Sunday

Gumboots, seriously?

 Moe: I am checking into this ..... 
 Yes, needed because it is seriously raining - I just checked out our deck.

 Mindy: I'll take a look out of the window

 Mindy says:  I confirm there is rain. 

 Mike:  I think I overheard our human beans talking about 'will be rain today'. 

  This won't ruin my day, because I'm an indoor mancat.  I think will hang out in the kitchen in case the refridgerator door gets opened.  I am an expert at diving in before it closes.

 I overheard our dadbean say that our lawn and gardens really need a good soak of rain.  This should make him happy.  Me, not so least I don't have to go out into it.  Glad I am an indoor cat.

Mike:  Me too!
  I will stay here at the top of the stairs to keep track of the traffic going into the food preparation area, it is almost lunchtime.

Moe:  Great idea Mike!
 Please keep me informed of ANY activity in that area.

Cookie:  Moe your love of food is over rated!
 I believe that quality snoozing is what is important.....I can say that because I have this room all to myself and lots of dry food available.....ZZZZZZZZ

 While we all watch the downpour and watch the grass, and flowers grow.....
....... enjoy the rest of the weekend!