Saturday, May 25, 2013

Photo Hunt - Copper

It's Saturday and time to post our Photo Hunt photo.  The theme this week is 'copper'

We had to go on a hunt through our house.   We know there are things made of copper around, so this is what we found.

Except for the pennies, the tankard and dish are gifts.   The copper dish is special to us because it was made by our dad's mother.  Her hobby was working in metal arts and made many lovely things with not only copper, but stirling silver - jewellery was a specialty of hers and she won prizes for her lovely designs! 

Those shiny pennies are a keepsake to us, since they are now not produced anymore for circulation in our country as it costs more than the face value to make them, or so we are told.

To see more participants in this week's Photo Hunt, go to:

We also have a  'copper' colored cat, however, Moe did not want his photo taken so you  will have to look at us instead!

Mike is at the top of the stairs and Mindy is the cute one farther down.

Mike says:  just to prove I am also cute, I insisted on more photos of me!

I just have to have a quick bath, so I look good!

Okay, the bath took longer than I expected and I was exhausted, so I fell asleep.

Actually all four of us kitties are in sleep mode, because it's so foggy and it has been raining for days and days and there are not many birds coming to our feeder for us to watch.  

Have a great weekend everyone, hope you are getting some sunshine!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Whacky Wednesday


Moe: Is our blog title word 'whacky' spelled right, or should we lose the 'h'?   Our typist - aka - mombean, isn't sure.

As you can see from my photo today - I am a little, um 'whacky' myself because we have a new scratching post with a little catnip added!

This makes my day!  I even shared it with Mindy.

Mindy:  Of course Moe you have to share!  I like the new catnip scratch post too!  Although, I don't seem to get as whacky.

I love investigating anything new, especially when it is something special for us.
Not much going on outside today - on account of the rainy day.  Apparently, it is supposed to rain tomorrow and into the weekend.   Yikes.  

This means that looking out of our window is not so much fun, however, there are a few brave birds at our feeder.   The pheasant shrieks when it wants seeds put loud!

Here I am on the bed keeping dadbean company.  He is suffering from a bad cold, so I am helping him to feel better and get well quick!

Looks like I have to share with Mike and Moe too.  

Mindy:  I am quite sure that it is my care and attention that will do the most to cure dadbean! 

We hope our friends are having a drier day, perhaps even a sunny day!