Saturday, March 14, 2009

Photo Hunt - Four

Photo Hunters

The Photo Hunters Scavenger Hunt was started by tnchick, and anyone can play along.

The theme for this week's Photo Hunt is 'four'. We have just the photo:

This is a photo of 'four' lily blossoms. They have been coming up in our garden for several years. It is a Stargazer lily. Of course, we are hoping it will appear again this year, because it is so beautiful.

We have another flower picture to show off. This is an amaryllis with at least four lovely blooms. We grow it in a pot indoors in the winter months because there is nothing blooming outside at this time of year. It's blooms are large and cheerful.

This is what I do during the winter months.

Rest, relax and keep warm.

Me too, Mindy, that is a good plan.


Me three. Just watching you two relaxin' and napping makes me sleepy. Besides, the bed is comfortable and I have a back scratcher.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Friday, March 13, 2009

5th Photo Meme

We were tagged by Sunny for the 5th Photo Meme.

This is what you do:
Open your file folders (pictures),
click on the fifth folder,
and then the fifth photo,
Post the photo to your blog and describe it.
Then tag 5 other bloggers.

Here is the fifth picture in the fifth folder in our photo files. This is Tall Son:

Ha, ha, he likes the camera about as much as we do! We have lots of fun with him. He tries to 'push our buttons' by sneaking up on us. We play the game even better...because we pretend to be afraid and run away and hide. When he gets tired of playing, we go looking for him.

We will tag:

Mickey, Georgie & Tillie


Parker,Puff, Powder,Rudy, and Diamond


Tall Son, are you lurking behind that door?


Tall Son, are you by any chance headed towards the kitchen for a snack?

No pictures right now please, I am cleaning my feet.


Nice and clean.

We just realized, it's Friday the Thirteenth!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Easy Like Sunday

Ya know something? Happiness is regular meals and lots of rest.




Have a great Sunday everyone!!