Saturday, September 22, 2007

Photo Hunt - Paper

This weeks Photo Hunt is paper. We have lots of paper here, oodles 'n oodles. I was helping mom empty storage boxes - 33 of them. These cartons were in storage she said for thirty (yes, 30!) years. No, they weren't ours, we just got the job of unpacking and sorting. My main job was to "help".

I was hoping for some fun stuff to play with. Nope it was all very boring.

There was so much paper, and it smelled funny. Mom thought so too. She filled about twenty blue bags for recycling. The cartons are kind of a paper as well. I didn't find any cool cat toys to play with. Mom needs to find a home for some of this stuff, so she going to have a yard sale. Maybe with the proceeds us cats can get some treats - sounds like a plan.

photo hunt

Friday, September 21, 2007

Fashion Friday

Well we’re no fashion divas , so we’ll go with Formerly Feral. I’m over the feral kick, tho, guess you could say. However, these toes are not exactly fashionable , but they are CLEAN. Mom says they need nail trimming. Hope she gets so busy she forgets about that……Moe

Fashionable, nawh. I’m going with cute. I couldn’t find a dimple tho. Rule out cute. My nose is two different colors – rose and pink - does that give me character?…….Mindy

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Meow Like A Pirate

My pirate name is Iron Mary Flint ......
arrr, me just got back from a sail on the seas, and got a stash o' toona juice, Gar.

I am Mad Morty Read. Arrr, i's like t' raid ships and look for booty Aye.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We Are Touched

...That Mickey gave us the Nice Matters Award!

It was Mickey who introduced us to the Cat Blogosphere recently. We are very happy to be here and be a part of this cat-munity. We would like to pass the Nice Matters Award along to Samantha & Tigger, they are wonderful friends from Florida!

Monday, September 17, 2007

It's Monday

I was thinking of posting a nice mancat picture. I was going to try a pose that set off my furrs nicely. Maybe fix mom's flashy box with the strong and silent look.... however I got distracted. There was the smell of catnip on the cat mat and Mindy was pretending she had nothing to do with this. Ruined my plans.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tribute to a Great Cat

We Pay Tribute to Skie
by Moe & Mindy

Skie went to Rainbow Bridge a little over a year ago…no, wait…. this isn’t a sad story at all. We would like to tell you about our awesome foster furbrother. He was with us for a year and a bit. He needed a new home, the place where he was had too many cats for him and he got really stressed out. Skie needed peace and quiet because of his heart condition. At the time he came with us, he was eight years old. You could say he was what the ‘beans call “high-strung”. Well he came to the right place cause we are perfect mannered, quiet kitties.

Well, Skie, couldn’t quite take ‘perfect’. He set out to change all that. We were taught not to get up on the tables, counters etc. There was no stopping him, he taught us lotsa cool stuff. We looked up to him, and there was never a serious argument. We loved it when he would get up on the microwave box above the counters and then mom would come along to use it and get freaked out when she saw him staring down at her.

Skie ate almost every plant, vase of flowers in the house….and mom definitely loved her flowers. She tried hanging them up…..well you get the picture. He was an indoor cat because he was declawed. However, did that stop him from getting out? We never saw a cat move so fast! To keep him in, the door would have to be closed ALL the time. Well he eventually leaned how to push open the screen door too, and out he went.

Skie wasn’t afraid of visitors to our home. He would let ‘beans approach him and allow them only 5 pats on the head – not more. If there were more attempts, he would hiss, yowl and swat at the perpetrator….(he was clawless remember) Then he would walk around the room growling. Some ‘beans were afraid of him. Mom, dad and Tall Son simply got used to his antics. He never really hurt anyone, and some ‘beans were downright amused by him. His favorite thing was to get on mom’s (or dad’s) chest when she was lying down to read or watch TV. Then he would curl up on her and purr up a storm……the picture of peace and contentment. We were never sorry we took him in. He was active and happy until he left us and we all miss him a lot. We have lots of wonderful memories.

PS - we still get up on the counters and tables, just like Skie taught us – mom just hates that.