Saturday, October 16, 2010

Feels Like Summer

Mindy - We've had awesome weather because it still feels like summer. On Wednesday night we did get a hard frost, but the days are still nice and warm. I like to lie on the windowsill and soak up those sun rays.

Cookie - I get to go outside with mombean while she gets things done outside. I am the only cat in the household that gets outside. See my smug face?

Bon Bon, Mike and Moe - we are three mancats that like to soak up some of that warm Autumn sunshine. These south facing windows are just perfect, plus we get to watch what is happening out in the street. Not much going on today, only people walking their doggies.

Moe - I know the package says 'tofu', but it smells really, really tasty. I think sonbean added something extra. I gotta try it.

Ptooey!! I should know better, duh.

Someone, quick, I need a drink of water immediately!