Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Sunny Thursday!

Mindy:  Here I am sharing the sofa with GranBean.  She shares some of her foods with me at breakfast.  We both like toast with butter.

  I keep her company while she reads her books.  

I like GranBean, we have a good time together!

Moe:  Just a little more stretching....

....... do any of you go hunting in the places where the 'beans hide the treats?

Mike:  You GO Moe!

....of course, if successful, you are going to share, right?

Cookie:  I am in MY room, but the 'beans call it the office/music room

It is quiet in here and I have my choice of the office chairs, or the desks.....I can keep an eye on how our blog is going - or not going - we have to post our news so I am the one to make sure it happens!

Speaking of news,  we received an award from Jan's Funny Farm!  It is the Honey I Shrunk The Pig - Many Babies Blog Award.

We are a multi-cat household, but none of us are babies anymore, however, we LOVE to be babied!  We crave all the attention, love, understanding, food (Moe and Mike say: food is almost equal to love) we can get!

Now we pass this award on to:
Our furcousins - Georgia, Tillie, Treasure, Joy Joy, Tiger and last but certainly not least, the newest member - Julie - over at Mickey's Musings