Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Introoder on Wednesday

It is Moe, posting today.
This kitty followed our humans home when they went for a walk.
Our people said they think they know on what  street this kitty lives.  It has followed other people home too.  Sometimes, the other people feed it, and sometimes she eats what they give her.  However, she doesn't always finish her handout.  Therefore she is not starving and we are not sharing!
Sounds like mooching food, to us!  We almost feel we should also be allowed out to mooch around the neighbourhood too!
    However, she can be very annoying!
She wants to come inside our home!  Guess what?  That is definitely not going to happen. 
I made my most ferocious howls and growls!!
It seems to have worked because she ran off!
I think I did a great job protecting our premises from that introoder!!
One must always be on the alert!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Reflections on Monday

The first thing to reflect on - is - that it is the first Monday in of the month of  December.
 Our humans were gone from home most of the weekend.  I used my time more wisely, and took a bath.
I had a few thoughts of my own and decided to get in a little of my beauty sleep.
You can get the best rest ever, when you cover your nose with your paw.
I have the futon all to myself and there is enough space for one of my catnip toys.
We hope our visitors will spend Monday in at least reposing, if not reflective ways.