Monday, July 28, 2014

Mainly Rain on Monday

Yes, it is raining, but this is a good thing.  We haven't had much rain for our garden.

Along with the rain, we had some thunder showers, however only a couple of middle sized booms!

Our brave hummingbirds still visit us even when there is rain!

Cookie says:
 I am holding my own and spend all of my time in the bathroom now.
It means I have this room all to myself and I have dry food available all the time if I want it. 
I am a bit messy with my litter box habits, but the bathroom is the best place to be because of that.
I am back to eating better now and have put on some weight.
The only meds now are Gabapentin for pain control and my Aventi nutritional supplement.

Mike says:
 I have some issues too, like Cookie does, probably because of our ages - Cookie and I are both around 17 give or take, we came here not knowing our ages.  Age is just a number anyway.  I still have some allergy problems and get some PrednisLone every other day or so for my allergies.   Trying to come of this stuff though.  I get a bit of the Gabapentin like Cookie does.  I have a better appetite than he does.....I love to eat....anything goes!

Mindy says:
 I sometimes have to give Mike a whap or two.....'cause, you know, he seems to need it.  Our mombean thinks we should solves our issues in a better way.  Oh, don't fee sorry for him....he is quite a bit bigger than I am.   However, I rule, hee, hee.

Moe says:
 When is it dinnertime?  In fact, I think it is about now.  We need to get right on that, fast.

 Here is our Monkshood, and it is drooping because of the rain.....which we need as already mentioned.
 Anyway we need to wrap this up as Mom and Dad bean are going out to the airport to pick up the sonbean who was at a conference in Texas.  Wonder if he brought us anything?  Toys and/or food, we are not fussy.