Thursday, April 12, 2018

Is It Really Spring?

Mindy, reporting today's post.
Take a look at this photo of my backyard -


All this snow happened on Sunday - April 8.  Yikes, where did all this snow come from?  I had to ask mom to double check the calendar.  I did not get the date wrong!
Here it is Thursday.  Except for some very shady places, there is no snow now.  This is good, because I am ready to enjoy watching the spring birds coming to our feeder from my favorite windowsill.

Also I am happy to see the squirrel pop out from under the evergreen trees and gather sunflower seeds under the feeder.  Mombean always scatters some of these seeds on the ground for the squirrel and the pheasants.

Oh, mom, caught me washing my face!
OK, mombean, make yourself useful, and give me a belly rub!
This is my belly rub  pose.

Time for a snooze.  However, I can nap and keep ears and eyes on standby, just in case something needs my never know, I sure don't want to miss anything that happens and I choose my napping spot carefully.

Closing my eyes now, talk again soon.