Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Evening

It has been a quiet day here for all of us.  Then we realized that we are behind in our blog posts.  We didn't do much today, except try to avoid any kind of's summer and we like to park ourselves and watch our birds, squirrels and the chipmunk from our windows.

Cookie:  I think mombean got the best photo - of me!   I was able to go out on our deck today.  There is some giant grass beside the deck that I got to chew on.

Mike: Oh hi everybody.  It's such a loooong time until someone (usually mombean)

 goes into the kitchen - then I am able to stir myself into action and hopefully snag a snack. 

Moe:  I am sitting on our ESS waiting for someone to get me some of our homegrown catnip - our plant is really TOO big so I think it needs a trim.


I will gladly accept any and all trimmings,  just pop them here on the ESS and I will take care of the excess nip.

Mindy: I am upstairs where it is peaceful and quiet and the mancats are downstairs.  However, if anything exciting should happen I can be downstairs in a flash!

Hope everyone's Wednesday, or perhaps by now I should say Thursday is great.  Mombean is going to be out Thursday, getting things done.  So, us cats will look after things here.