Saturday, February 7, 2015

Caterday Linkup

It's Caterday again!

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Sidewalk Shoes

We have a bit of a mystery at our house.

Here is the clue
Who or what, made these footprints?

I will get right on this mystery and start investigating.

Good idea Moe, we must find out.

Not me as I do not go downstairs.

Well there is only one suspect left.

Yep, must have been Mike as he is looking a little TOO innocent, plus he is asleep and can't deny it, so we blame him.

Here is a bonus photo 
Hope this hoya in bloom will bring joy to your day!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

More Critter Watching

Yet another snow storm!

However, we are keeping our birds and squirrels fed and bonus the pheasant showed up as well.  All looking for a meal in our snow covered yard.

So here is Mr. Pheasant.  Showed up today after the latest snowstorm.  Probably very hungry, too, and wandered in wondering what we have to offer.
Now we have to stock up on more sunflower seed and mixed seed.

One of our squirrels during the snowstorm.  Looks like we will have to stock up on suet cakes too.

We have a recipe for making these cakes, but need to get the supplies.

I never tire of watching that yummy looking squirrel.

Me as well, so close.

Sometimes the woodpecker comes to snack on our suet cake.

I've just had a snack, so therefore an uninterrupted snooze is what I want.

Our humans are outside cleaning the deck and walkways from piles of snow.  Later we may get some rain and then a freeze up....should make things slippery!  We suppose that is why our humans get a bit cranky lately - it's the weather, of course - never us!

Update:  it IS raining now, overtop of the ice and snow - it is not fit to be outside!

Also the truck spreading sand on the road just went by - it also plows back the ice and snow at the same time.

 Notice the "fog" from the melting snow during this mild spell.  It will be cold again by tonight.

OK enough about our weather, here is hoping yours is way, way better!