Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

This is how we are starting off 2009 - with a snowstorm! We all stayed put and relaxed at home. Mom went outside to get a picture during the last couple of hours in 2008.

Here is another picture taken New Year's Eve when our beans made a quick run to the gas station. Mom was trying to get a photo of the falling snow when another car drove along side and parked. She moved the camera then making this strange picture - you can't see the car, but you can see red streaks from it's lights and even the tracks it made in the snow.

All the very best to everyone in 2009!

A photo taken today around noon. Very winter-y.

Bono: This is taken out of our window, looking across our street. Umm, I think I am going to spend days when we have blizzards, like this.

Mom's wool sweater is so warm, I think I may keep it.

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Good Day

A good day for us means leftover turkey. We can't help it, we are in the kitchen a lot in case someone opens the coldbox. We always manage to keep the door open by sticking our furry heads in there and keep the door open as long as possible so we can get a fix on the location of the leftover turkey.

We are worried though. The amount of turkey is seriously shrinking. Before it disappears completely, we cats are getting together to stage a raid to turn up the cuteness factor and persuade the beans that we are capable of finishing off the rest. Good plan?


I often get up on top of the coldbox. It's the best lookout place.

Mindy:What do you think?

I'll just pretend I don't want turkey.........the beans will automatically try to get me to eat some.

Yikes that flashy box is bright! Can I open my eyes now?

Did someone say there is still some turkey left? Oh, boy, this IS a good day!

It is 5:15pm on Dec. 29 and mom is now taking pictures of the sky.

She saw the star and moon appear just after sundown. (you can click on the picture to get a better look at the tiny dots of light) It was a lovely, sunny winter day.