Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Saturday PhotoHunt - footprints

Hi everyone, ... Mindy here, hosting our blog today.    

We are participating in the Saturday PhotoHunt this weekend and the theme is - footprints.  Therefore, on with our entry........

We looked through our recent photos for footprints, and this is what we found, taken last month:

These are technically 'hoof' prints.  Best guess is, that these were made by a White Tailed Deer.

Next photo is:

......a complete mystery.  Any guesses?

Now these next two photos are bonus photos of, not footprints, but teeth marks so not exactly part of PhotoHunt, but hope you might find them interesting anyway.  These were taken the same day as the above 'footprints':

Look closely and you will see the marks of a beaver's teeth.  This is how a beaver fells a tree, by gnawing on usually birch, aspen, or poplar!  Their favorite part is the 'underbark' which they find tasty.

Here is another example:

The beaver uses the branches and trunk of the fallen tree to build a dam across a stream to create a pond to live in.

Beavers are protected where we live, and only under very specific conditions can anyone interfere with the dams they have built.

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Wha' Happened!

Yesterday, we enjoyed such a beautiful day.  It was sunny and warm,  - for March in Atlantic Canada, at 8C - and no snow on the ground.

Today different story, just look.

What happened to our sunshine and warmth?

There is only one way to deal with this situation.  Take a nice long nap!

Cookie: Here's my favorite napping spot - the chair in the office.  Best spot ever.

Mindy: I'm on the bed.  No one is allowed to make this bed until I am finished with my nap.

Mike: Thanks for sharing the bed with me Mindy, I get  to put my fur all over this robe someone placed here for me, how thoughtful.

Moe:  I can't sleep, this weather is making me hungry.  I need to search for a snack.

Here's what I'm looking for.

No matter where the Temptations are hidden, I can find them!

Moe:  Our mombean is taking a coffee break and using the nice china mug we won in one of the Cat Blogosphere auctions - it was donated by Ginger Jasper .  The writing on the mug says " cats are acutely aware that you cannot live without them"!!  Yep, it is very true.

 Mombean do you want some Temptations to go along with your coffee?  I will share.

This is a link to this week's Thursday Blog Hop:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mombean is Home

We are very happy kitties!  Our mombean returned home after long time away.  It was like a bazillion years. 

Mombean: "It was only a few weeks.  I was helping Grandbean recover from her broken hip.  Dadbean took good care of you.  You all look healthy and well fed, but I guess you missed your extra snacks?"

Um, yep, Dadbean doesn't weaken and give in on those treats.  We are glad things are back to normal.

Moe:  I am so liking 'back to normal'.

Mindy:  I missed those wonderful tummy rubs mombean gives me.  I purred extra loud when she got home.

Cookie:  I spent a long time in mombean's lap,  I am glad she is home again.
Mike:  See how nicely I am posing for mombean.  I gave her lots and lots of extra sandpaper kisses.

Mombean:  I was overwhelmed with the big welcome all of you kitties gave me.  I missed all of you  and Dadbean too - it is so good to be home!  So sorry I wasn't able to help you kitties with the blog while I was away, we have lots of  visiting and catching up to do.