Friday, March 21, 2008

Feral Friday

We saw this ladybug walking on the computer desk. Mom says it could be a sign that spring is on the way. In fact spring officially started yesterday. You wouldn't know it right now, though, there are flurries of snow in the air. We also made mom turn up the heat.

Ahhhh, much better, I am toast-y now.

I like to hang out in the stairwell, about halfway up the stairs - or maybe it's halfway down the stairs.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

It is wonderful that the howling wind has stopped after two days. Mom said it could have been much, much worse. We were supposed to get snow along wif da wind, but it went offshore. We are lucky and the sun is shining - bonus.

Did you know that I have freckles on my nose?

Mom says she has a 'free' day, whatever that means. We do know that she got out some icky looking paste (goop she called it) and put it on da wall. She said she was patching da wall. Well, we just has ta check this out.

It sure doesn't smell very good.

Mom said we should try this instead.

Ummmm, we didn't like this either. Then mom showed us the catnip plant she has been growing inside all winter. Look how small it is, she sure doesn't have the growing knack, does she?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Late Saturday and early Sunday

We are having another winter storm, lots of snow out there. Our beans were busy all day. Mom bought a tester for wall plugs. Ever since then the beans are all over the house checking and checking. Dey found a few feet of old wiring dat dey thought ought to be replaced or removed. Does wiring has feet? We gots tired of watching them go upstairs and downstairs.......if dey went to the kitchen, well that's different. We kept careful watch, in case the cold box got opened - lots a good stuff in dare.

I kept my usual vigil looking out da window. I saws a tuxie cat out there near the bird feeder. I was about to show that intruder that he was trespassing, but mom went out just then to fill the bird feeders, but I coulda scolded and put the fear into that intruder.

Humm, okay, this is prolly not my best 'vigilant at the window' picture. Blogger did this!

My turn - Mindy - Since it was a 'stay put' at home day on account of da snow, I gots some lap time wif mom. That was until Moe disturbed me. He was chasing around like crazy at one point. Oh, that was too much for me. I just had to bounce off mom's lap and go see what he was doing.

Turned out to be nothing. However, Moe thought "I" was coming to whap him or something. Next thing he's chasing me and I had to run to my special hiding spot. Well, he knows where it is, but he never bothers me there. In fact I have several special spots, all mine, hee, hee.