Saturday, February 13, 2016

Our First Post in 2016

It has been quite a while since our last blog post.  We tried hard to fix our old computer, and at times, we almost (not quite) succeeded.  Therefore, now we have a new computer, operating system, software even a new mouse - it's not a 'real' mouse.

Everyone is well and happy, even the ones who are a bit crabby sometimes.  Got lots of snow right now.

This poor bush, loaded with snow, but hang in there because next week it is supposed to rain - we'll see.

Remember me, I am the orange guy.  I have put on a little winter weight.  It could be because I love to eat, and am very good at seeking treats - I did score some really good tidbit over Christmas.

 My favorite spot on a comfortable bed - it's mine you know, all mine, but I will share it.

I have my own room!  I also am willing to share.   However, their are limits, especially to certain housemates that want to raid my food dishes.

 Speaking of special things, I have adopted that really comfortable office chair near the computer.  I need to put in my two cents worth, making sure today's blog gets posted.

It is near to Valentines Day so we got something kinda pretty to celebrate.
 It it not very tasty, in fact we are not allowed to taste it!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend - in fact our weekend is what as known as a L-O-N-G weekend, because Monday is "Family Day" and a holiday .... we think it should be Cat's Day, our humble suggestion. 

Purrs from all of us!