Saturday, October 10, 2020

Fall is Here!

Fall is here now, but so far it has been a beautiful season. Still warm and lots of birds to watch from the window! I haven't posted for a while, and find there has been even more changes to publishing my blog.


Here is a recent photo of me - Mindy - I like to snooze on top of my 'kitty condo', it is beside a window and that means I can look out and watch whatever is going on out there. Also sometimes there is a sun puddle as well and I love the heat as well as the view.
Also, I am showing you a photo of my fur cousin, "Blair", the orange and white dude. He was adopted from a shelter, however, he is much happier living with my mom's brothers. The house is large and has lots of windows for bird watching! Also, aside from being a big kitty, he has double paws!
I am enjoying this lovely and warm fall weather. I will show you my "critter" photo from my backyard, taken recently. Managed to get a photo of the pheasant it actually lives in our neighbour's yard, comes for a visit. Also a rabbit as well.
This last critter photo is a salamander found on the road in front of my house.
Guess I will take a nap now, thanks for visiting!!