Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Rude Neighbour

This is Sisko. He lives next door to us. He is also very big.

Can you all see that he is sticking his tongue out at us? Is that not a rude thing to do?

Do you really think he deserves this treat?

Moe, Mike and Bono say "We didn't think so either".

Cookie says "We must protest"

Mindy says "Listen to the voice of reason....."

.....I think we should present Sisko with this 'Barn Brat Award'

What do you think?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

On Thursday

......I made a blog post. Meaning me, Cookie.

See me here hard at work. No one else around here seemed inclined. Maybe that is because we are finally having some nice, hot, summer weather and everyone else in da house is outside or snoozing. I will do my best.....hummmm, now, how do I upload? Hope I do this right. Here are a few more photos.

Here's Mindy and Mike taking it easy -

I found Moe. Guess where?

Yup, in da kitchen. Notice he is on the counter? He will get in trouble.

I found Bono right behind him.

Bono is another food seeker. He loves a little splash of milk once in a while - like every time the fridge door opens.

This little buddy comes to our window feeder.

We find it to be tasty looking , I mean entertaining.

One more pic for today's post .....

Mom is so happy the deer didn't find her one Stargazer lily plant. It has six, count 'em, blooms this year. Life is good.

Have a good day everyone..... purrs from Cookie