Saturday, December 29, 2007

Photo Hunt - Messy

Photo Hunters

This little fellow is Earl (the squirrel). He got named by Mickey's mom. Now, he IS very cute, but also messy. Earl eats all the good parts of the seeds - like sunflower seeds - and leaves the outer shells ALL over the bird feeder and anywhere else he decides to eat his meals. We cats think he looks very tasty....err, cute.

This is our back deck with snow on it. Our humans are not impressed, though, they keep saying that they have to go outside and shovel the 'mess' off of the deck......we think it looks kind a purrty.

This is the kind of messy we like to clean up - hee, hee,....yummmm.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Flurries on Friday

Yesterday we had freezing rain which froze solid and then it snowed. It took mom and dad a long time to clear everything off the metal machines this morning. They needed to take one of them to the garage and - surprise - we are now having snow flurries. Here is a picture of our wreef on da back deck.

Mom went out dis morning to feed da birdys. They was furry hungry. Here is a dark-eyed junco taking a rest in our barberry bush.

Dat's great, I love to watch da birdies

uh, birdies? Did you say birdies, Mindy? I'll have to stir myself and get a look, too.

Look what else I see, Mindy - icicles! Brrrrrr.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Mindy, come here and look at this.

You have to see it for yourself.

Moe, it's a green bottle pee!! It was under our Christmas tree. It was for mom.

Why would mom get that? Let me have a closer look.

Moe it says 'white wine' in da small print. Let's not tell mom what it really is. Oh, I can hardly wait until she see this. Oh, this is going to be a GREAT joke! Ha, ha, we's thankful the joke is NOT on us!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is the day after Christmas Day and has its roots back in feudal times in Europe when there were large estates. The owners of the large estates needed people who leased or worked on these lands. The 'serfs' were bound legally, economically and socially to do this work....the feudal system. It was common practice for the servants to carry boxes to their employers when they arrived for their day's work on the day after Christmas. Their employers would then put coins in the boxes as special end-of-year gifts. Due to the practice of filling the boxes, the day after Christmas became known as Boxing Day. (wikipedia)

Today the Boxing Day sale is usually a very busy day in the retail business except in our province where it starts tomorrow. In Canada it is also the start of tournaments and World Junior Hockey Championship!

That said, here is a picture of us with our stockings and toys.....we had a good Christmas!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

to everyone from Mindy and Moe

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Mindy, are you ready for Santa's arrival?

Nearly ready Moe..... Santa will have a busy Christmas Eve, we should leave Santa a good supply of goodies to nibble on during the trip to evfurrybody's home.

Good idea Mindy! Oh, it's so exciting that Santa is coming tonight. Don't forget to put out yer sock for Santa to fill.

I won't forget to do that, Moe!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Random Photos

This is a picture of a gift mom got from a quilter friend. It doesn't smell very interesting, but those 'chicken' legs and feet sure have possibilities for some fun.

The next picture is one of another gift mom got that was early. It's an amyryllis bulb.

She was told to plant it immediately about a month ago, which she did. It was supposed to be in bloom by now - hummmm, something went wrong. It seems to be growing a little bit tho. Mom put it in da light and near heat and even watered it. We think the pot of dirt might possibly be fun, tho.

Moe, we need some pictures of us. Let's find some to post.