Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wandering Wednesday

Mindy says:   We were not wandering, our beans were though.

They were gone on a road trip.  They went to our capital city, Ottawa.  They said the round trip was over 4,000km.  Our country is big mombean says.  Mombean's sister who is Tillie and Georgia's mom, also went to Ottawa, but she flew on an airplane and got there first!

Here they are in the 'downtown' part of the city.
They liked theByWard Market
fresh fruit and

Mombean liked the mix of old/new buildings.  This 19th century house is a heritage house and cannot be removed, it is supposed to be haunted.  She found this out by going on this walking tour - at night! She said it was all in fun.

She didn't see any cats on this tour because they were all at home (of course), same as us!
However she did see one of our ancectors here:

She said that Dinictis lived in the plains of North America about 30 million years ago.  She said she wasn't scared of this one because it wasn't alive or even real because they are now extinct.  This model is what the humans think it might have looked like.  We are very impressed! 

Here is something that is not extinct!  Our nip is just a bit scarce.  

That is because Moe does not believe in saving any for later!!  
He's just a little nipped-out right now and can't talk straight.    He's hugging the floor mat because it still smells like nip.  Yes, it was fresh nip from our garden.  Mom says we have to let it grow some more before she can pick some more. 

Sigh :(