Saturday, July 23, 2016

Caterday with Mindy and Mike

Our Caterday started out with lotsa fog.  So we decided to stretch out our naps.

Also our human beans were doing some home improvements.   It is best to snooze through anything like that.

 Yes, Mike, I would agree.  Although,  last time I looked out of the window, it was quite sunny, warm and no sign of mist, fog or whatever.
I think I heard our mombean starting up the lawnmower.

She was almost finished when she came into the house to report to dadbean and us that she got stung by this critter or something close to it!  A hornet maybe??

In two places - on her ankle and knee.  The grass cutting was definitely over for today!  She says she is lucky that there is very little swelling and just some redness and only "stings" a bit.......yup, she felt those stings.   She should have stayed inside  and curled up with us and  a good book!!

PS ... Mindy here, I had a dental cleaning last Wednesday.  My mouth is still sore, but I have meds - in a paste form which get applied to my ear!! - to help with that.  I get only soft food for now, which I like.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.