Saturday, November 15, 2008

Photo Hunt - Ruin(ed)

Photo Hunters

The Photo Hunters Scavenger Hunt was started by tnchick, and anyone can play along.

This week's theme is "ruin(ed)". We went through our photos and came up with this one, taken early October, of a busy garden spider who worked very hard to maintain her web. There was wind and rain, then part of her web got - ruined. In no time she was working hard again to fix it. If you don't mind spiders, you can click on the picture to make it bigger.

Mindy: Bono you should not be up there. Mom is not going to be happy if you ruin her beautiful bouquet.

Bono: Don't worry, Mindy, I am not going to ruin it at all. I just want to rearrange her bouquet a bit.

Moe: I'll watch for mom, but be quick, Bono!!

The following picture is not about today's theme, it is simply a nice sunset taken back in September.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Furball Friday

Bono: I like my new place. I even let the beans share my bed.

Exposed! I am just a little 'nipped out in this picture.

Moe: If it can't be the real thing, then this 'nip mouse is the next best thing!

Mindy: I didn't have any 'nip at all. I am simply enjoying this spot in the sunshine. I shall bask as long as it lasts.

Want to see how mom got rid of the fallen oak leaves? She used the lawn mower, it is a mulching mower. We can't figure out why she would want to do that.

When she put the mower away, she saw this dragonfly. Now that it is November, there are not that many left because it is getting cold and there have been frosts.

A happy Friday to everyone!