Friday, November 14, 2008

Furball Friday

Bono: I like my new place. I even let the beans share my bed.

Exposed! I am just a little 'nipped out in this picture.

Moe: If it can't be the real thing, then this 'nip mouse is the next best thing!

Mindy: I didn't have any 'nip at all. I am simply enjoying this spot in the sunshine. I shall bask as long as it lasts.

Want to see how mom got rid of the fallen oak leaves? She used the lawn mower, it is a mulching mower. We can't figure out why she would want to do that.

When she put the mower away, she saw this dragonfly. Now that it is November, there are not that many left because it is getting cold and there have been frosts.

A happy Friday to everyone!


Everycat said...

It sure is a floofy, sleepy, snuggly Friday at your house.

Lovely pictures!

Whicky Wuudler

michico*Adan said...

I like the feeling.
Very relax~!!!!
Makes me smile~!!!! How good is this life~!

Mickey said...

Bono,I can see that you are not only happy about your new place,but you are taking over!! heehee
What a funny way to get rid of leaves!! I have lots on my deck and I would love to go chase them. I would like to chase that Dragonfly too ;)

Purrs Mickey

The Devil Dog said...

We love all the photos, especially the nipped out Bono one.

Roxy & Lucky

Parker said...

Happy Friday you three!