Thursday, October 20, 2011

Catch Up Thursday

We are back today, after taking a break.   Actually, mombean took a break.  The other two beans in our home - dadbean and sonbean - do not know how to help us blog.   They know lots about computers, which is useful, especially when the computers suffer from hairballs.  

Mombean went away to help grandbean celebrate her 87th birthday!   Here's a photo of the two of them, they were making plans to go out  to have a celebration lunch, along with auntiebean.

They had a great lunch, then took a sightseeing drive to the bay which wasn't far away.  Mombean says the bay is called the Bay of Fundy which has very high and low tides.

We are guessing that this is low tide!  We were not there;  however if there were lobsters in those traps at the end of the wharf, we could have been  pursuaded.

Next they returned to auntibean's home, which is ruled by our furcousin, Bradley.  Bradley insisted we post his photo for the girl cat's to admire.  The first closeup photo shows him lying on the floor, giving mombean a 'dare touch by belly' look.  She just took the photo, she knows better.

Mombean likes this photo she took of him.

When she got home, finally, we were all there to greet her.



Bono:  did you wake me up just for a picture?


Um, mombean are these edible?

No, Mike, those are grapes.  That is our entire crop from our one vine.  I hope to make a couple jars of jelly!

Mike: how is our catnip growing?
Mom: Slowly. 

We hope eveyone is having a great Thursday!  We are all going to take another nap - it's raining.