Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Photo

This is a photo that mom took a couple of weeks ago when she went away for a few days. It is our Thursday Thirteen picture, because you can count at least thirteen ice fishing houses on this big lake. Mom said they even haf their pickup trucks on it. When dey gets their house out on da ice, they go inside and then cut a nice big hole in da ice (there's no floor, just da ice) so they can fish - inside in comfort. Beans are very strange, but if they's catches any fishies, we would be very interested.

For now I saw this package of Temptations just waiting for me on da countertop. I knocked it on da floor where it's easier to raid it. Yes, I got some!

Moe is always thinking of his stomach, and he doesn't like to share either!

I think mom might slip me some extra stinky goodness though.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Mancat Monday

Yo, Mindy, check out this pose. I'm putting it on our blog for Monday. Is this a suitable photo for a mancat picture?

Ah, well, Moe this is not a good time to ask. I'm kinda busy.

Sisfurs, sheesh! I didn't ask her give up her whole day ur anything, I just asked a simple question.

Doesn't Moe realize that timing is everything? He didn't pick a great time for my expert opinion. Oh, well, back to the important things.....looking good.