Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Photo Hunt - *Jokester*

This is a photo mombean managed to find (unfortunately) for this week's Photo Hunt theme.  Yep, silly hat time.  That is me, Moe, with Tall Son taken a while back.  You can see how happy I am to pose for this photo session.

The 'jokester' moved out of our home and  into a home of his home!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday, Supper Edition

It's wordless Wednesday, so perhaps we'll count out our words carefully so we won't change our post to Wordy Wednesday.

The photos are from last evening.
Here's Cookie working hard, in the office, at napping!

Moe and Mike are in the kitchen, hoping supper will get started soon.

Mike:  Hope it's a question of when not 'if ' supper will be started.

Moe:  I'm getting tired of waiting!

Mindy:  I'm watching, and if there is food - I'm there too. 

 I'm just not so obvious as Mike and Moe.  Mike is loud, and louder and Moe is pushy and runs over and  headbutts  our 'beans.  There is no way Mike & Moe would ever led our 'beans forget something as important as our supper!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mancat Monday, a little Nip

Moe:       My mombean saw how big our catnip plant is getting, so she harvested some of the leaves.  She saw how excited I was to smell the fresh catnip on her fingers so she put some on our Ess.

Ah, such bliss! 

I am simply crazy for catnip, mmmmmmmm!

I think this year's plant that she got at the market is especially powerful, ahhhh.

Excuse me while I zone out for a while. 

Meanwhile you can check out the yummy fresh haddock mombean bought from our neighbour - he went fishing over the weekend. 

 We kitties love fish, and we're sure our beans will share some, 'cause it is good to share. Yum!