Friday, December 10, 2010

Fearless Friday

This kitty comes regularly to peer into our window from outside. This morning the window is frosty, but this does not deter our visitor. Wanna see?

Have a great weekend everyone!

PS........ to those asking - the black kitty looking in our window belongs to our neighbor we are quite sure and is healthy and well rounded.

You mean fat?

No, no.......I mean plump and furry.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday with Us

Mombean seems to be out a lot.......the weather has been super, do ya s'pose that might be the reason? More likely it's because Christmas is coming - soon.

Mindy: I hope she does some more baking. The things she's already made went out of da house - she gave the stuff away!!

I keep hoping that during her baking frenzy she'll share some of that butter or cream wif us.

Bono: Yeah, Mindy I agree. Even if it's only a spot of milk. I sit right by the fridge ...hoping.

Ok, ok, I hadda take a nap. I got tired, and there's no activity in the kitchen. I think mombean went outside to put Christmas lights on our evergreens outside. I think she is getting carried away, she already put lights on the back deck.

Cookie: Usually I help mombean with our blog. I position myself between the keyboard and the monitor. Good spot don't you think?

Today I figured she could go it alone while I nap in this comfy box. I'll check back later to make sure our post gets made.

Moe: I just had a thought. I wonder if mombean needs some help wif decorating for Christmas?

In that case, I must get into the spirit of things! I wonder where my holiday hat is? Haven't decided if I'll actually wear it, but I like to know where it is.

Mike: What Moe? Tell me you're kidding me - about the hat.

If you wear the hat, I'll sing, how's that? Mombean says I have a great singing voice - though, no singing after midnight.

Has everyone made out their Christmas list yet?