Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Photo Hunt - Grin

Mindy says:
Here is my entry for theThe Saturday Photo Hunt - Grin
I did my best, but this is as close to 'grin' as I am going to get,  without a lot more practice!!
Have a great weekend everyone!   Ours happens to be very windy and rainy as a result of a passing tropical storm.  Some participants in this week's Photo Hunt are are also posting "sky" photos.  There is way too much rain for a 'today' shot, but here is one from yesterday showing the gathering cloud banks on the horizon.
However, when our human beans  were out getting some fresh air they also took this photo.
I thought I would share it!
PS - Several people have asked -  this is the pink Lady's Slipper (called 'slipper' because of the shape of the bloom) which grows wild in forested areas in Nova Scotia and does not mind acidic soil.  There is also a yellow Lady's Slipper, which grows only in areas where there are limestone deposits (near the gypsum mine for instance) so it is not as common.    

Friday, June 7, 2013

Storm Warning Friday

Mike says:
It's still nice outside this morning so far.  Tonight we will get a visit from Tropical Storm Andrea.  So by tomorrow morning we should be getting a 'wind and rain event', which means I will plan a nap event, since bird TV will be off.

Moe says:

I think I will rest here a while and then go on a food hunt.

Cookie says:
I lay claim to the office/music room, it's cozy and warm in here and I am willing to share this space with my humans.

Mindy says:
I have some unsettling news, a different kind of 'storm'.  We live near a large harbour and this one has several lighthouses.  I was thinking that years ago, perhaps some of my ancestors lived in ones like this with the light keepers.  Sadly, some of these lighthouses are in jeopardy.

This one is on George's Island in Halifax Harbour, you can see it in this photo that our mombean took.  It is maintained by our federal government, but probably not for much longer. 

There is more on this topic here:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wordless Wednesday




Who is this?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Today is set aside to " Hug Your Cat " - all day!

We got hugged today, and yesterday, and we're counting on tomorrow, too!

Lots of kitties don't get hugs, or food, or love.

We're very thankful


Monday, June 3, 2013

What's New and What's Not, on Monday

First, what's not new - Mike, foreground and Moe, background starting the day off with a good snooze.

What's new?  Well these have appeared across our street in the empty lot.

We found out that these are human litterboxes.  Our mombean says this can only mean, finally, our street is going to get repaved.

To confirm these suspicions, this big, noisy machine pulled up and parked in front.  Oh good, we get to snoopervise the goings on.

Here is that forsythia bush in the above photo, a few days earlier.   We can hardly believe our eyes - Spring has finally arrived.

Oh, here comes another noisemaker

Mindy:  I wonder if there is anyway to close my ears off from all of this!!

Enjoy Monday everyone (else)!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Easy Like Sunday


I am enjoying some fresh air and sunshine.

PS - go on over to The Cat Realm and find news about a new Pet Blogger Mall!  Karl of The Cat Realm has designed three different logos to be entered in the Logo Design Contest.  Visit to vote on the logo of your choice on Monday, June 3rd only.