Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Night

Our Christmas tree is up and we can relax.   Since this morning some wall paint got applied, it dried, and the tree got put up. 

Bono:  I am the Christmas tree inspector.   I watched from a comfortable place while things were happening!

Mindy:  I made sure our tree is nice and straight!

Then I rolled on the carpet, to view it from another angle.

Cookie:  Mindy, I am watching you.  That looks like fun, but I am too comfortable to get out of this chair

Moe:  I found a quiet place to hang out.  Now I can have a long nap.

Mike:  I can't find a quiet place Moe, can I share come of your space?

We have to be careful, see those frosty snowmen?  They are made of breakable glass. That is why they are placed away up high.  Dadbean made those eons ago. 

Another thing, our coldbox has more goodies like cream cheese......we will definitely have to help mombean with her Christmas baking.

Have a great weekend everyone!!  Stay warm.  Our run of mild weather is coming to an end.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Busy Weekend

We kitties are not the busy ones, but we are keeping an eye on all activities!  Sometimes a great opportunity comes along if we are vigilant and if we are in the kitchen at the right time.

A delicious dessert called Pavlova is something that gets made in our kitchen around the Christmas season.


This is what got made in our kitchen!!  Yum, yum.  We get to lick the beaters afterwards

Mindy:  I love whipped cream

Moe:  Me too!

Moe, Cookie and Mike - sharing in the whipped cream goodness!

After that nothing very interesting happened.  Mombean is fixing this wall in the living room after an old chimney got removed - now how is Santa going to get in here?

And dadbean was using this to fix some pipes in our cellar.  We are not allowed to go there, but it would be fun the explore all the hidey places - when that torch is shut off!  Mombean would like our water back on again soon!

We hope everyone is having a great weekend, perhaps even a busy one!!