Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wishing on Wednesday

I am wishing there was no glass between me and that yummy looking squirrel!

 It is so close and yet all I can do is watch and wish!

That creature is so annoyingly close
Sometimes I see another squirrel attempting to snack on that suet cake.  This does not work out so well because these critters do not like to share and instead chase one another all over our yard.  All I can do is watch and utter some bad words.

 Mindy, just relax and enjoy the show, why waste energy fretting?
I am "chill_axing" and that works for me. 

 Nothing is going to move me from this heating pad, I got here first and I am going to have the best snooze ever!

Did you say 'snooze' Cookie?  Good idea, think I will try that.  I am wishing on Wednesday that I had found that heating pad first!

We wish our visitors a great Wednesday however you want to spend it!!