Saturday, April 5, 2008

Photo Hunt - Glass

Photo Hunters

We have lots of glass things around our place. We always have to watch out for that stuff. Us cats like the glass paper weights. We can walk around them without any problems as they are tough, so they are our favorites.

Moe: Here is the one I like.

I like the bubbles in the glass.

Mindy: And this is my pick for a paperweight.

I like the pretty flower inside.

We both agree that mombean likes this glass apple.

She keeps it in da kitchen, high, on a shelf. Probably this has something to do with us. We think it might be breakable. We better not test our theory!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Finally Friday

Finally Friday for us, since we don't do Fashion Friday very well. If you look closely at this picture you will see our outdoor thermometer and it around freezing, well maybe plus one. Weather is fickle right now!

Moe: Yesterday, da wind blew so hard, I was worried. Don't I look worried in dis picture?

Mindy: Moe is right, it was so windy that I heard lots of strange sounds, like thump, clunk, rattle, shake. We're glad we're indoor cats.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about us.

1. Yesterday, we were rather bored. Mom painted the upstairs hallway and a bedroom ceiling.
We haf too much gravity in our house; we couldn't walk on the ceiling to check the paintwork.

2. Mindy: I have a basket by the window in our attic. I like to take my long morning naps there.

3. Moe: Sometimes I like to get on the edge of our washing machine as mom puts clothes in, I supervise the operation.

4: We like to follow our beans all around the house.

5: Mindy: I really love tummy scritches, but only from mom.

6. Moe: I like to be near the front door in case someone comes in.

7. Mindy: I like to be where mom is.

8. Moe: I like it when it's warm enough to have the windows open. Yesterday when mom was painting, I got to lie next to the storm window and smell the fresh air.

9. Mindy: I love cottage cheese.

10. Moe: I adore snacks, I like the 'beans snack food too.

11. Mindy: I am very shy of strangers, but I am curious and I will peek at them and hope they don't notice.

12. Moe: I am an orange tabby and have both black and white whiskers. Also freckles on my nose and inside my mouth too.

13. Mindy: My is two colours - pink, and pinker, hee, hee.

My open window

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools day 2008

The first day of April is called April Fools Day for some reason. We hopes it will be a nice day fur efurryone. We started our day wif snow then fog/rain. We saw our first real signs of Spring yesterday! Do you know what these are?

Well, we weren't sure, mom says they are snowdrops. Something she planted back in the fall.

We has another picture of some blue flowers. Gosh, they look barely alive.

OK, mom helped us out on these. They are pulmonaria (lungwort). Some flowers will be pink on the same plant. Sometimes they are called 'William and Mary'. Oh, the green leaves in da picture - creeping buttercup. It gets all through mom's garden.

Moe: Mom, enough horticulture for today...... (yawn)

......way too much information, my brain is shutting down, I needs instead to concentrate on patrolling da house and watching for introoders timing meal breaks.

There, that's better. I am back doing my important job napping keeping watch.

Mindy: Well I will file away all those impawtent facks about spring flowers (deep) in my girlcat brain (way, way deep, ha, ha) , but....

......I don't expect that knowledge to ever be all that useful to me......oh, ummm, don't bother to mention this to mom, okay? We are very good at looking straight at her and seemingly taking in efurry word she is saying, but we are thinking about more important stuff. Do any other cats do this - make excellent eye contact with the beans and with such understanding looks, so that they start telling you their life history?

Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday, Monday

The last day of March. Mom thinks winter will leave this week. She says temps will go into C+ degrees in the next day or two. Well, who knows what will happen since April 1st it is traditionally April Fool's day. No one knows why the first day of April is called that, but mom says it's a day for practical jokes, hee, hee. We hopes da weather will play nice. This small shrub is waiting for spring to arrive.

Mom took this picture of a black-capped chickadee. They are her favorite bird. If you are patient, she says you can get them to eat from your hand. Well her hand, of course, they will not come near us, ha.

Oh, there's a Red-breasted Nuthatch in this picture along wif da chickadees.

When mom came in from feeding da birds she tracked in snow. What a mess. We were not impressed. That stuff is not interesting at all. We prefer the nice green grass, it's yummy too.

Moe: Look at me. I am not pestering mom for a snack or trying to whap Mindy. I am being a good mancat for Monday.

Mindy: I am curled up and getting a little bit of beauty sleep. I have one eye open though, I keep watch on my sometimes annoying brofur.

We're curious, how is efurryone else going to spend Monday?