Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about us.

1. Yesterday, we were rather bored. Mom painted the upstairs hallway and a bedroom ceiling.
We haf too much gravity in our house; we couldn't walk on the ceiling to check the paintwork.

2. Mindy: I have a basket by the window in our attic. I like to take my long morning naps there.

3. Moe: Sometimes I like to get on the edge of our washing machine as mom puts clothes in, I supervise the operation.

4: We like to follow our beans all around the house.

5: Mindy: I really love tummy scritches, but only from mom.

6. Moe: I like to be near the front door in case someone comes in.

7. Mindy: I like to be where mom is.

8. Moe: I like it when it's warm enough to have the windows open. Yesterday when mom was painting, I got to lie next to the storm window and smell the fresh air.

9. Mindy: I love cottage cheese.

10. Moe: I adore snacks, I like the 'beans snack food too.

11. Mindy: I am very shy of strangers, but I am curious and I will peek at them and hope they don't notice.

12. Moe: I am an orange tabby and have both black and white whiskers. Also freckles on my nose and inside my mouth too.

13. Mindy: My is two colours - pink, and pinker, hee, hee.

My open window


Mickey said...

Gee,that's too bad about that darn gravity! It would be fun to check out the work and leave a paw print behind! Heeheehee
When the wind dies down we hope to have a window open :)
Have fun snoopervising yer Mom!
Purrs Mickey

Ramses said...

Nice Thursday 13, I'z done one too! I've not tired cottage cheese as a snack, it seems I'm missing out on something good!

Daisy said...

Hmmm. Now I am not certain what color inside my mouth is. I think it is pink. But it could be different colors like my paw pads. I better check!

Sunny's Mommy said...

I think that's really nice you like to be where your Mom is, Mindy :-)

Sunny has spots on his nose and in his mouth just like Moe does. I thought it was strange that Sunny had those, but I guess it is common in cats. I've seen that in dogs before but never in cats until Sunny.

The Furry Kids said...

#3 is very important.

Momma just discovered that EG has grey spots on the roof of his mouth and now she's trying to look inside my mouth. I'm not showing her nothing. hee hee


The Devil Dog said...

Those are neat things. Thanks for telling us about them.


4 Boys and a Lady said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful things about the both of you.

It's great your mom got to paint! Our beans are still procrastinating on their painting project. *rolls eyes*