Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fool's Day

 April 1st is, according to what we heard,  also called April Fool's Day.  
Okay, we had to get our typist to look this up in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for us.... cats.  We found out that this means it is a "prank" day. 

I figure we do not need a special day to pull a prank.  Instead I am going to catch up on some sleep.

Oh, did you say that this was some sort of special day for pranks?

Oh, I did a prank on my humans, they were not amused.  I think I might have heard some bad words first thing this morning.

I hate pranks, so I am glad to hear the foolishness stops at lunchtime.

Is it noon yet?
It is certainly snack time.

Have a great day, but don't get fooled!!